Essential information for delivery van drivers

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Frisch eingetroffen: <> Div. Iveco 35S Daily 2016/2017/2018  Kofferaufbauten mit Hebebühne, Klima, auch Automat, Nutzlast bis  1020 Kg.! Laderaumhöhe bis 2.45m <> Div. Mercedes Benz Sprinter 314 CDI,  ab 08.2017, CH-Fahrzeuge, Grosser Kofferaufbau mit Hebebühne, ab Km. 19.600, gratis Serv. etc. <> Div. neuere gepflegte Kühlwagen Iveco 35S 15, 06.2016, Kofferaufbau, Tiefkühl-Frischdienst-Heizbetrieb, ab Km.  20.800 <> Div. Fiat Ducato 15Q 2.3 MJ 2017-2018, L3 H2 EURO 6 ohne AdBlue, auch mit Klima<> Div. Mercedes Benz Vito 114 BT 4x4, 2018, Kasten<> Div. Ford Transit Custom 310, 2018, Kasten, <>Top Fahrzeuge, mit Garantie <>

Essential information for delivery van drivers
  • Essential information for delivery van drivers:
  • Note the loading capacity of your van and do not overload it.
  • The driver is responsible for loading the vehicle and securing the cargo.
  • Pay attention to the distribution of the load.
  • Attach the tarpaulin correctly
  • Do not exceed the load capacity of the lifting platform.
  • Make sure you allow for longer braking distances when the van is loaded and remenber that longer journeys in mountainous regions may result in the brakes overheating!
  • You must use your engine to slow down during longer trips in mountainous regions.
  • Note the total height of the van if your journey involves underground car parks, gateway, tunnels, bridges, etc.
  • Public underpasses with a vertical clearance of less than 4m usually have a sign indicating this.
  • Set your mirrors properly, pay attention to blind spots that are not visible from the driver´s seat.
  • Watch out when refueling: DIESEL or GASOLINE.
  • Check the oil, coolant, lights, tire tread and tire pressure on a regular basis.
  • Regularly service your van, it will save money in the long run.
  • When coupling a trailer, make sure that all the connections, including the safety cable, are properly attached and that the support wheel is fully retracted.
  • If a trailer is parked or set down, you must always use a wheel-chock.
  • When driving in the winter, you must check that there is no ice and snow on the roof of the van and any other upper sections, before setting off.
  • If there are roadworks on the highway, the left lane is often limited to two meters.
  • 3.5t commercial vehicles are usually wider than two meters and have to stay in the right hand lane.

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